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Tree of Life
November 5, 2018


A death in the family is always a traumatic time and when the dust has settled it’s natural to want something to remember your loved one by. I have quite a few commissions for remembrance jewellery, often including jewellery that has been passed down as an inheritance. I recently designed one such piece of jewellery for a client who had two diamond rings and an important saying of her Grandma’s, and it was around this that we designed a remembrance piece.
“I believe in the wind in the trees and the stars in the sky” was my client’s grandmother’s answer if she was ever asked her religion. So I designed a tree of life pendant, adopting an asymmetrical design to represent an off-beat and much-loved grandma. I set round brilliant diamonds among the tree-branches to represent the wind in the trees, and a larger diamond which belonged to her grandma, to represent a star in the sky. I used the gold from both rings, melted it down, refined and recast it, helping to keep the costs down as well as make the piece even more sentimental. I also used four-claw settings for the three smaller diamonds, to help them stand-out but a six-claw setting for the larger “star” diamond to help it appear more astral.

It always feels like such a privilege to be part of this really personal process, whether it be just after a loved one has gone or several years later. Often clients’ come to me with a very specific idea but even if you’re not sure what you want, we can have a chat about who it is you’d like to remember and come up with a design together. If you have any gold or precious stones that you’ve inherited and would like to turn into a piece of remembrance jewellery then please do get in touch.

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