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Some Sage Advice…
March 20, 2018


Some Sage Advice…

I have always been inspired by nature and producing ethical, environmentally-friendly jewellery is also a big motivator for me, so when designing a core collection I turned to the healing power of nature. A simple and delicate Sage leaf. The word Sage is derived from the latin Salvia, meaning “to heal” and has been used for healing and cleansing for thousands of years. Modern science has shown us that Sage has powerful antiseptic qualities and can be used for digestive problems, as well as to combat memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients. This may be the reason it also symbolises wisdom and immortality. On top of all of this, it’s delicious! For such a universally useful and complex plant, I wanted to capture the simplistic beauty of the plant’s leaves and incorporate a continuous flow of design, to represent the immortality and seemly endless uses of sage!

Sage has also been used historically to help alleviate grief, and would therefore be a perfect design if you have gold from a loved one that you would like to do something special with. It can be melted down, re-refined and cast into this simple and peaceful design.
If you don’t have your own gold I can make the design in your choice of precious metal and to fit your exact finger size (for the ring design). With Christmas coming up it could be just the thing! Get in contact with me to make an enquiry about any of these designs.

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