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Save Your Stones! Why Should You Reset Your Old Diamonds & Gemstones?
March 28, 2018


It’s always lovely to have something shiny and new, but it doesn’t have to be brand new to still be shiny! There are a number of reasons you should consider resetting your old gemstones or diamonds, not least that you can have a contemporary, one of a kind piece of jewellery without having to break the bank to get it! From old jewellery that no longer fits your style, to sentimental pieces that are becoming worn and need a new lease of life, here’s why you should save your stones:


    1. Save those pennies! When you sell old jewellery to a second hand jeweller, you will usually only get a fraction of the price you originally paid for the piece. Simply resetting the gemstones and diamonds from your old jewellery into a new design can be a cost effective way of reviving your jewellery. Remodelling a diamond will not cause it to lose it’s value, it could even increase it’s value!

    2. Save the sentimental! We all have items of jewellery that are sentimental to us, even if they no longer suit us, or indeed never did. You might have inherited something from a much-loved relative but either don’t really like the style or are afraid of wearing the piece if it is suffering from old-age. Perhaps your engagement ring was all you could afford at the time but now you want to celebrate being married to the love of your life by giving it a bit of an upgrade. I can add stones and create an updated or completely new version of your piece which will allwo you to wear something that suits your personal style, while still cherishing the special piece and the meaning behind it.

    3. Save the environment! Recycle, recycle, recycle. If you do it with your plastics and glass, why wouldn’t you do it with your jewellery and gemstones? I think we all have an environmental responsibility and this can be your (and mine’s) little contribution. And we’re not just talking stones here, I can also take old gold and have it melted down and re-refined into shiny 9ct or 18ct yellow or white gold. You can be environmentally conscious and sparkly, its a win win!

Get in touch with me to arrange a meeting and we can discuss remodelling your old gemstones and diamonds into something you really want to wear.

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