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Complicated custom fit completed!
September 21, 2020


This was a challenge and a half but worth every second of time and effort. My client had the most gorgeous vintage ruby and diamond engagement ring and wanted a fitted wedding ring made in matching platinum. The tricky bit was making the shape fit, not detracting from the engagement ring ans making a new ring look vintage and a perfect against a show stopper of a ring.

I decided to incorporate lattice shaped metal work that hugged the engagement ring as that was a feature underneath the ruby and diamond setting. I went for the smallest diamonds with milligram edges to give a sparkly edge against the outer rubies.

My mistakes along the way were the sizing as the engagement ring was out of shape which gave me the wrong finger size. Hence 3 plastic models for the my patient client to try! But practise makes perfect and the final plastic model was a winner and finally the design could be cast in platinum.

I think this has to be my favourite challenge of all as the final result was the most rewarding.

If you have any more jewellery challenges you would like to pass on, please get in touch!

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