Love your Jewellery


With so much sentiment attached to our precious jewellery, it is very important to me that I work closely with all my clients in order to achieve designs that meet their expectations and work perfectly with their personality and style.


From choosing your stone to seeing your unique design brought to life, you will be involved in creating something meaningful and completely personal to you.


I love hearing your ideas and seeing your visions come to life.  As a creative individual, being given new challenges and meeting new expectaions is  a great privilidge to have and is what keeps me energised.  

Only the Best

Ethically made and sourced

All diamonds, gemstones and precious metals are responsibly and fairly sourced.  I work with Fair Trade Gold and Silver, Resposibly mined platinum as well as all recycled precious metals.

I am a strong advocate of not scrapping your jewellery but instead to recycle and rework it because once refined, your old gold is as good as new.

You would be surprised how much your old gemstones and diamonds sparkle with a new lease of life.  It is therefore always worth concidering new designs and resetting your old jewellery pieces.  That way you wont lose any of the sentiment.

Special pieces are worth waiting for. Each commission is made to order. No mass production. No waste.
All packaging is made in the UK using recycled Materials. It’s simple but smart.

Create something meaningful that lasts.

The way I work with you

Once we have met and had a good chat about what you are looking for and what you love, I will get to work on some initial ideas.

Using sketches and computer aided design, I will show you a first draft of your piece. If I am on track, I will move forward to completing a full design with photo finish renders and images from all angles. If you wish for any changes to be made, don’t panic, I will make all the adjustments you require.

As soon as you are happy with the final design, a wax model will be made. The wax model is then used to create a mould and your design will be cast in your chosen precious metal.

The casting is finished, set and hallmarked all within the UK. After a close inspection of the finished piece and together with a fully documented insurance valuation, your one-of-a-kind piece will be ready for collection.

The process usually takes between six to eight weeks depending on how quickly you agree the design.

Make a positive impact

An Official Member Of The Society Of British Jewellers


The Society of British Jewellers is the professional body supporting Artisan Jewellers across the UK. Bringing together the best creative talent to you.  The Society provides a vital platform supporting the various industries that keep British design and manufacture at the forefront of design and craftsmanship.

Whether looking for a bespoke piece for a special occasion, the repair of a family heirloom or the conversion of something old to something new members of the Society of British Jewellers can design and create an individual piece to your brief that is defiantly “Not in the High Street”

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