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A is for Amber
November 23, 2018


So amber is technically not a gemstone, it’s fossilised resin BUT it is an extremely beautiful gift of nature! And it has been prized by people and worn as jewellery for thousands of years. Amber symbolises healing and is even used by parents to aid teething babies. Little beads of amber are placed round the babies’ neck, wrist or ankle and are said to help alleviate the pain of cutting teeth. This was particularly apt when my client, Milly came to me, wanting to mark the birth of her first child.
Baby Douglas was named for his great grandfather, who was the proud owner of just one Amber cufflink (it’s partner having been lost years many before). This cufflink was passed down to Milly when Douglas was born and she asked me to turn it into a ring. My brief was that it should look like it could be the ring of a mythical forest creature whilst at the same time looking like a cocktail ring of the 1950s, and it must include ivy leaves…I like a challenge!
Very quickly we encountered one rather major problem. We suspected the cufflink might be around 80 years old, perhaps even longer and when we removed the Amber from it’s silver mount it broke!
Not deterred and with Milly’s backing I took the pieces to a gemstone specialist who delicately put them back together by using sheer genius and a bit of resin. I completed the design and once set you could hardly tell (and only if you were really looking) that the stone had ever been damaged.
It’s very common that new parents want to mark the birth of their children with a piece of jewellery and it’s something I particularly enjoy working on. All jewellery is sentimental in its own way, that’s why I do what I do, but when it marks the hopeful beginning of a brand new little life it makes my smile just that little bit wider! If you’ve got your own little bundle of joy and would like to mark their arrival with something unique and lasting then get in touch.

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