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18ct yellow gold and moissanite engagement ring
June 16, 2020


This was such a lovely commission to complete. I cad designed and made an 18ct yellow gold and moissanite engagement ring. Moissanite is a great alternative to diamond as it is less expensive, created in a lab making it mining free and is still hard and durable. Moissanite exude similar brilliance and sparkle to a diamond so it is well worth considering.⁠

The wedding ring was made by melting down my clients inherited 22ct yellow wedding rings to make a new 3mm classic court shaped band that sat perfectly against the engagement ring. ⁠

A little hidden finishing touch which you cant see on this photo is the bumble bee that hugs the central moissanite from underneath the setting. It was that extra bit of sentiment for the client that made her engagement ring all the more special and bee..spoke!⁠

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